Unlock the Healing Power of your Cycle

A mini course for women and menstruating folks to discover or deepen the connection to their personal cycle (menstrual or not) and learn how to use their unique ebb and flow to support them in their daily life.

29 students enrolled

Learn the unique language of your body, so it can be(come) your trusted ally and guide through in life!

Through this course, you will get to know your personal rhythm from a new and deeper perspective and receive all the tools to chart it, so you learn how you can use it as a compass to navigate life.

Living in tune with your body (instead of struggling against it) will make sure you have more energy for the things that actually matter to you and move through life with more ease, joy and confidence.

It’s a practice of detoxing your body and mind from societal conditioning, so you start trusting the animal-body of yours to be wise in a way that doesn’t make sense to your logical brain, but that will make you feel truly ALIVE!

Note: This is also relevant if you’re post-menopause or don’t have a uterus!

Cycle Charting

Welcome to "Unlock the Healing Power of your Cycle"

Introduction to "Unlock the Healing Power of Your Cycle"

Your Cycle is Your Compass
Overview of the Four Cycle Phases

A brief overview of the four different cycle phases and their characteristics.

A Simple Approach to Cycle Charting

My super simple approach to cycle charting.

The Significance of Cycle Charting for your Long-term Health and Well-being

The benefits of cycle charting on your long-term health and well-being.

A Note on Symptoms of Menstrual and Menopausal Health Challenges

A note on how cycle charting can support your healing process.

Closing and Integration

A short journaling exercise to digest and integrate the information you received.

Outlook and Possible Next Steps

Outlook and your next steps on your journey of unlocking and remembering the power of your cycle.

Bonus Videos

Bonus: How to Track Ovulation

How to recognise the signs of ovulation in your body.

Bonus: How to Chart in Perimenopause

Why cycle charting can support you through the menopausal transition and how to chart your cycle in these turbulent times.

Bonus: How to Chart without a Menstrual Cycle

How to chart your cycle if you don't have a menstrual cycle (e.g. when you're pregnant, breastfeeding, taking the pill, are post menopause or don't have physical organs present).

Absolutely! Whether you're pregnant, breastfeeding, taking the pill, are post menopause or don't have physical organs present, you still have a cycle and can benefit from cycle charting.
Yes, you will! If you've crossed over into the wisdom years of post menopause, you've gone back to cycling with the moon and can use cycle charting to stay intimately connected to your body.
A menstruator is any person with a uterus.
If you are a woman without physical organs present (because of a (partial) hysterectomy or because you weren't born with them), you still have a cycle and the information will support you in connecting with the energy of both your cycle and your womb space.

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