Happy, Healthy, (W)Holy – Menopause

Whether you’re pre-, peri- or postmenopausal, this course (that once was a summit) is ultimately about designing your life in a way that works for you, feeling good in your skin and taking care of your own health and well-being!

136 students enrolled

Do you know the powerful shifts on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual-energetical level that are happening when you transition through perimenopause?

Most have heard about the symptoms that may show up along the journey:
Trouble sleeping, night sweats, hot flashes, aching joints, weight gain, mood swings, you name it …

But when you know how to care for your body, heart, mind and soul and learn how to navigate this transition day by day, in your own unique way, that’s when the magic happens and you start embracing this Rite of Passage on a completely different level – even if you experience symptoms!

In “Happy, Healthy, (W)Holy Menopause”, my 5 speakers and I explore different ideas and practices to support you through the (peri)menopause transition, so you can have a happy, healthy experience that leaves you feeling radiant and fully capable of navigating life with all its twists and turns!

But this isn’t JUST about (peri)menopause – it’s ultimately about giving you the tools and practices to support yourself through any moment of change you will ever go through. Because uncomfortable as it may be, the only constant in life is change …

Through this course (that once was a Slow Summit Experience) you’ll …

… understand what’s happening in your body during perimenopause and how this transition influences you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level – the information you should have been taught at school …

… discover new ways of thinking as well as tools and practices for deep, holistic self-care in the second half of your life and beyond

… embrace the journey of perimenopause as an important Rite of Passage into your wisdom years

… experience a deep sense of validation, being inspired by other midlife stories and knowing that you’re not alone in this

… feel good about being yourself, in your skin, in your body, well-equipped to navigate the journey of life one step at a time

develop your own metaphor for a happy, healthy, (w)holy perimenopause transition or a happy, healthy, (w)holy post menopause time!

Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to "Happy, Healthy, (W)Holy Menopause"!

A short introduction to the summit.

Even though it took place in the week of October 16 - 22, 2023, the content, ideas, tools and practices provided, offer timeless support in the perimenopause transition and post menopause experience.

(Peri)Menopause – A multi-layered Experience of Transition

An introductory conversation about the processes happening in (peri)menopause on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and why I believe it’s important to reframe the narrative around the menopausal journey, even before it’s our turn.

Before you dive in ...

Setting your intention for the course.

The Menopause Transition as a Rite of Passage

The Menopause Transition as a Rite of Passage (Eimear Stassin)

A conversation between Eimear Stassin and me about the menopause transition as a rite of passage.

Becoming a Silver Sister

Becoming a Silver Sister (Danielle Gardner)

A conversation between Dani Gardner and me on reclaiming silver hair as a sign of powerful wisdom.

The Power of Rest in Midlife

The Power of Rest: Healing Magic for Midlife & Menopause (Cindi Buenzli Gertz)

A conversation between Cindi Buenzli Gertz and me on restorative yoga and the power of rest in (peri)menopause.

The 4 Realms of Sacred Self-Care for Midlife Women

The 4 Realms of Sacred Self-Care for Midlife Women (Leslie Ellis)

A conversation between Leslie and me on the four realms of sacred self-care in midlife.

Aromatherapeutic Skin Care to Regain Your Glow in Menopause

Aromatherapeutic Skin Care to Regain Your Glow in Menopause (Sara & Louise Beauchamp)

A conversation between Sara, Louise and me on skin care for (peri)menopausal skin.

Closing & Integration

Closing Circle

Meeting in sacred ceremony to process and integrate the insights of the summit.

The Slow Summit Experience is over - now what?

Outlining your next steps.

This summit is desigend to be easily digestible and nourishing. It is “slow”, because it’s built with your nervous system in mind. You’ll have a luxurious amount of time to watch the conversations, which are digestible and nourishing, full of truth and wonder, with opportunities for you to process and integrate in between. I want your nervous system to be relaxed, and your mind to be curious and open to take in all the information and wisdom shared, and that usually doesn’t work under time pressure. If you register before October 21st, 2023, 11.59pm PDT (Sunday morning in Europe), you will receive access to ALL the conversations and material FOR FREE FOREVER, no VIP pass, no upsell, so you can go through them at your own pace, and watch them again and again at your leisure.
As one of my highest values is diversity and inclusivity, I want to acknowledge that there are people with uterus who aren't women and don't subscribe to the gender-binary worldview of our society's patriarchal structures. So menstruators or menstruating folks means everyone in pre-, peri- or post-menopause who has a uterus, or people post-menopause who had their uterus and/or ovaries removed.
On sign-up you’ll find a welcome video from me where I dive into the processes happening in (peri)menopause on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and why I believe it’s important to reframe the narrative around the menopausal journey, even before it’s our turn. Between October 16 and October 20, a new conversation will be released each day for you to enjoy at your leisure. I’ll provide them in video, audio and transcript format, so you can choose your favourite way of learning. In addition, I will host a daily 60-minute-ish watch-party for each interview: I’ll open a zoom room and you can hop in to watch the conversation together. They are each 30-40 minutes long, so there’s going to be some time afterwards to discuss, share, ask questions, or simply connect. On Sunday October 22, you have the opportunity to meet in sacred ceremony for a Closing Circle, to digest, reflect and integrate your experience and learnings.
Sharing stories is how humans learn and evolve! Sharing stories is a vital part of our existence. Who doesn’t love a good story? Being witnessed in sharing your story honestly, from the heart, can be a profoundly healing experience. And listening to others share their own experience is how we humans learn best. It’s not about being told what to do. Instead, we put ourselves in their shoes and see us reflected in the other – discerning the lessons and how they apply to our own life and realising that we aren’t as alone as we thought. We understand the universal truth that we aren’t so different, after all, and start appreciating Life in its myriad of facets. That’s why my guests and I come together in conversation, to speak about their (peri)menopause story, what their experience taught them and which practices they feel called to share that helped them and might support you, too. This is also why there will be community elements in the form of watch-parties and a closing circle – because sitting in sacred circle, listening, sharing, seeing ourselves reflected in everyone around us, is how we integrate our personal lessons and evolve.
Absolutely! If you're pre-menopause, you might simply be curious about what’s going to happen in your body, heart, mind and soul during this important Rite of Passage and eager to learn how you can prepare and support yourself to have the most easeful transition possible.
If you're in peri-menopause, you might be experiencing and/or suffering from menopause-associated symptoms and looking for natural and holistic ways to support yourself and your body; or you're simply curious about how other midlife women experience this phase of their life. All of this will be addressed in the conversations and practices gathers in the summit.
Yes, it absolutely does. If you're post menopause, you might come with a simple desire to connect and build supportive relationships with women and menstruating folks of all ages, looking to receive deep self & nervous system care practices that support you at this stage of life. And maybe, everything that's shared will help you to process your experience in hindsight, making peace with any discomfort and struggle you might have or still do experience.

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