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Simple tools and practices to take your menstrual & menopausal health into your own hands!

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Embodied Cyclical Living
If you're ready to shed the layers of internalised shame and conditioning that might still be holding you back from sharing the fullness of you wit...
2 Lectures
Menopausal Health
Get to know the most overlooked and underrated healthcare system in your body, boost your immune function and activate your lymph flow for optimal ...
1 Lectures
Whether you’re pre-, peri- or postmenopausal, this course (that once was a summit) is ultimately about designing your life in a way that works for ...
10 Lectures
Embodied Cyclical Living
A mini course for women and menstruating folks to discover or deepen the connection to their personal cycle (menstrual or not) and learn how to use...
11 Lectures
90 min

You and your cycle have the power to change the world – because going at your own pace IS the Quiet Revolution!

Course Categories

Embodied Cyclical Living

Live in tune with your personal rhythm and bring your unique cyclical experience into your day-to-day life, so you have more energy for the things that actually matter to you.

Menopausal Health

Womb wisdom and pelvic care practices to support your body through the menopause transition and address menopausal health challenges naturally and holistically.

Menstrual Health

Womb wisdom and pelvic care practices to support your body in its cyclical journey and address the deeper causes of menstrual health challenges in a natural and holistic way.

Life Coaching

Simple tools and practices to help you move through transitions with more ease and trust in yourself and your abilities.

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