Lymphatic Initiation

Get to know the most overlooked and underrated healthcare system in your body, boost your immune function and activate your lymph flow for optimal female health!

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I dare say your lymphatic system is the most overlooked and underrated system in your body – especially when it comes to your menstrual or (peri)menopausal health and healing!

Did you know that it’s responsible to flush all the toxins, inflammation and other waste products out of your body?

Whether you suffer from chronic pelvic pain (like menstrual pain), chronic back bain, autoimmune issues or symptoms associated with perimenopause – activating and tending to your lymphatic system is a major gamechanger in alleviating any of them.

This 90-minute course is for you if …

  • you experience menstrual health challenges like fibroids, cysts, period pain, PMS, PMDD, endometriosis
  • you show symptoms associated with perimenopause, like achy joints and back, fatigue, anxiety
  • you suffer from autoimmune issues, inflammation and/or chronic back pain


  • you simply want to do something for your overall health 

Because the lymphatic system is inherent part of the immune system (besides the nervous system and the digestive system) and plays a major role in nervous system, hormonal and breast health, tending to your lymph flow is of major importance for your womb health / female health and vitality!

We will cover …

  • what the lymphatic system is and how it works
  • the central role it plays in your overall health in general, and in your female (menstrual & menopausal) and immune health in particular
  • why lymphatic flow is often blocked/stagnant in our modern societies and how to reactivate it to boost your immune function

You’ll receive …

  • Simple everyday life tweaks you can make to improve and maintain lymphatic flow
  • An on-the-spot lymphatic assessment that will immediately activate and enhance your lymph flow – it’s basically a mini lymph massage that you can start using on a regular basis after the workshop to keep your lymph flowing
  • A pdf-booklet with the most important information and space to take notes, so you can refer back to your learnings and insights over and over again


Let’s activate your lymphatic flow, for a happy, healthy immune system!


! Please note that the course is the replay of a live workshop I held !

Lymphatic Initiation

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